World’s First Down Syndrome Preschool Teacher In Argentina

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This 31 year old women was rejected several times because of her down syndrome, was called a “monster” because of it. Noelia Garella who lives in Cordoba made it a challenge for herself and others with down syndrome that they can do anything they set their mind to. Other people have become teachers with down syndrome, she is just the first in Latin America to get the honor and she wants to be the ‘voice’ of those who are struggling or think they cannot achieve something simply because of their ‘condition.’

It is known and researched that people with down syndrome suffer delayed intellectual and physical development. As a child, Noelia was turned down from attending different day cares while directors of those preschools told her parents “No monsters are allowed to come here.” Even though her application to the job first caused some hostility, parents, teachers and the City Mayor all came to support her willingness to do this. “Even with some time, some people who were originally against her position, eventually came around to support her,” said director of her new job. 

“We have realized that she had a lot of talent, her desire to do this, her knowledge and her attitude all is what made the decision easy. She gives those children so much love and that’s what they need,” the director added. Noelia ‘loves’ her job, she enjoys listening, reading and teaching children, it’s like she was born to do this. “Because in society people have to hear everyone out, stop judging and assuming that just because someone has a ‘condition’ does not mean they are not capable of doing a job,” she said. Did you know that an average 220,000 babies are born with Down syndrome worldwide every year.

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