Woodstock Ducks Get More Than They Bargained For

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It’s no secret that ducks belong in the water. Yes, they are able to waddle around the land, but where they are most able to flourish is in the water. Unfortunately, the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary in New York, came across a group of ducks that had never even seen water. These ducks were once the victims to hoarding, cooped up in a cluttered house until they were rescued. Once rescued by the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, the workers could tell the ducks had been neglected, and they could barely move let alone swim.

After being declared with a clean bill-of-health, the ducks were then integrated with the other ducks at the sanctuary. And the rescuers at Woodstock Animal Sanctuary could not wait to get these little ducklings into the water for the first time. Once introduced to the water, the ducks were extremely timid. Having never experienced freedom prior to their current placement, the ducks kept running away from the lake fearing for their lives. But as it also works for most humans, once the ducks were in the water they got a bit more comfortable; they splashed around for some time but eventually got out of the lake still feeling unsure about their new surroundings.

The sanctuary workers would continuously throw the ducks into the water, so they may get used to their new home. One of the ducks became so enthralled that he kept dipping his head under the surface. Eventually as the ducks became more familiarized with the lake it was hard to get them out. They were all swimming together in harmony, and clearly very satisfied with their new habitat. Without the help of the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, these ducks probably would never know what it felt like to swim in their natural element. Woodstock, we salute you.

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