Woman Dresses Up Like Elsa And Inspires A Crowd of Young Girls By Lifting 405 Pounds 

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Disney princesses have always been what little girls fairytales are made of. Girls dream or being princesses. Beyond dreaming of being princesses they love any thing with princesses theme. Princess room décor, toys, costumes, you name it!

In today’s pop culture the movie “Frozen” has become a phenomenon among kids today. The sister twins Elsa and Anna have become little girls idols everywhere. This Disney story has really captivated the youth. It grossed 1.3 billion from the box office. It is the largest grossing animated musical films of all time. It is also the most pirated movie ever.

Princesses have traditionally been paired with male prince counterparts. Typically prince charming come in and rescue the princess. Frozen is one of the most progressive movies Disney has ever made. It was the first Disney movie where the princess becomes Queen. Its also the first movie where the princess doesn't doesn't need a prince. It is truly an empowering film for young little girls.

Here we have a bodybuilder dress as Elsa. She has a crowd of young little girls watching her work. As Elsa she lifts 450 lbs to amaze all the young girls. She not only embodies this strong Disney character and role model being dressed up but she shows all the little girls that princesses can be strong too. What a great message to her audience. 

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