When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear

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There are many great philosophers, scientists, physicists, authors and even presidents who we look up to as leaders, icons of today and even teachers. Not only is there popular athletes, musicians, and educators out there teaching us something valuable as we watch and listen to them, but those who are closest to us also make the best teachers. From it being your best friend, counselor, dance instructor, mom and dad they all have something to share and it is all knowledge. Learning comes from everyone and everything, so "Thank A Teacher."

When we think of teachers we think of the teachers from school, church, even coaches; yet, we don't think of ourselves as being a teacher for us personally. Well, this may be some new information for you; consequently, you are also your own teacher. You learn something new everyday, but truthfully you learn something new every moment. Things are constantly changing to a newer perspective; in that case your realization is able to change and adapt quickly. You have heard of the terms, "listen to your gut feeling", right? That just means listen to your inner strength which is your voice, your guide, and your teacher inside of you. Don't forget to appreciate yourself and thank you for being your own teacher too.

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Lelani Bright


Lelani began her writing career when was just a little girl and was named editor of her school’s paper her senior year. She took it as an honor when her classmates couldn’t wait to read what she had to say on certain topics. She didn’t like the hustle and bustle of working for her city paper. That is when her career began here and she hasn’t looked back since.