What Makes Someone A Legend?

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Are you struggling at accomplishing your goals? Are you not where you want to be in life? Do you feel like you aren't successful? Or perhaps you just need some motivation to give you that extra push you need. This video is for everyone, it's not just for those who feel this way now. We can always continue striving to be better.

There are so many successful people out there that we can look to for advice. So many people have reached the height of their profession, who have become successful from starting off with nothing. This video is a compilation of some of those success stories.

Watch this video to receive some real advice and motivation from over ten different inspirations. Learn about what Will Smith has to say about the difference of being born with talent and having incredible work ethic. Absorb what George Lucas has to say about his work achieving his dreams in the film industry. Take advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

These are all just some of the success stories in this video. Watch this video and get motivated to complete your goals. No matter where you are in life, this video will have a positive effect. Take it to heart and change your attitude today. Gather the motivation you need from success stories we all know of.

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Amy Haren


Amy comes from a family of literary geniuses. Her mother and father were published many times in many different publications throughout the world for not only their stories but their photos. Growing up reading the stories her parents wrote, Amy fell in love with animals and travel. She travels when she can and usually heads for the jungles or oceans.