What Animal Would Rule The Planet If We Were Not Here

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The human race is a dumb one. As a species we might be completely dominant, but we might not be that way forever. Scientists have been speculating based on the fact that different species could take over as the king of the “jungle” so to speak, and make all of the humans out here a little bit scared for their dominance. 

What species would take over in a dystopic future? If humans decided to stop procreating, or some law against having children was enacted would people end up disappearing? People say that humans are likely to disappear from earth before the earth explodes because of the sun’s heat. Humans do have an uncanny way of getting through extinction and fighting the odds despite our wars, genocides and diseases. History says that changes will occur once humans die out completely. The most dominant animal species could very well be a bear, dolphins, tigers or any number of others. What is exactly the most likely?

So, 50 million years in the future (eek) which group would take over. Would dolphins or rats or pigs? People have no idea, but science fiction has taken a stab at the “Planet of the Apes” as well as a world run by lions and big jungle cats. Maybe if we’re lucky all of those cute little domestic house cats will run the earth. Or maybe to our demise those pesky single-celled organisms have dominated the world in all actuality and of course bacteria. Larger muti-celled organisms dominate currently and will continue to do so for sometime though.

Humans are pretty insufferable though. We’re extremely vain, narcissistic and have mental disabilities that make us absolute monsters. We kill each other and we reward people for being popular online. We have institutions and mistakes in our DNA. We have a strong tie to loyalty, our friends and our pack of people despite all logic. 

Non-human primates are the most likely to inherit the earth (according to science) although it is possible that evolution dominates and humans become more smart and capable than ever before. It’s hard to understand that when really stupid people are born and continue to be so because of the same tired gene pools that have been around for centuries. It’s more often that people screw up their bodies and minds, then take care of them and achieve almost an impractical amount of enlightenment. Although people still hold the dream that they can possibly live forever or at least make something that can. It’s an incredible feat that people have progressed in society so far that they have with the relatively short amount of time they have been dominant on the earth. It will be exciting to see what happens, that is if we can figure out a way to live forever.

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Amy Haren


Amy comes from a family of literary geniuses. Her mother and father were published many times in many different publications throughout the world for not only their stories but their photos. Growing up reading the stories her parents wrote, Amy fell in love with animals and travel. She travels when she can and usually heads for the jungles or oceans.