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For those who don't know who Tony Robbins is, he's am extremely successful American businessman. He is a philanthropist and an author known for his self-help books. He earns an estimated $30 million annually and has graced the pages of Forbe’s magazine for his success and wealth. His mom wanted him to be a truck driver. That's what his family thought would be good for him. He's come so far from that.

He has helped thousands upon thousands with getting their life on track. Many swear by his advice. He conducts sold out seminars every year of people who pay to hear his advice for a successful life. This is a video with some of his proverbs. There is a strong powerful dialogue that everyone can learn from. Everyone should give this video a listen.

The video shares how he believes in progress, if you have progress you will happiness. If you stop growing you won't be happy. Set a goal and commit yourself to fulfill it. Toby Robbins believes that once you set the goal you must be proactive in achieving it, sign up for that class, sign up for that mentor, or perhaps purchase that flight. It is not enough to just set a goal. You have to have structure getting you closer to accomplishing your goal.

Take control of your state, create some rituals for yourself. Your life comes from your rituals, there are rituals that put you in state and some that take you out. One of the pillars you might have are inner conflicts. You might have all the tools, and know what you want but you aren't getting it. Align yourself on what you want. Clear these inner conflicts. Take action. Go beyond fear. Fear can be translated as simple as uncertainty. Over come that stress you might have. If you take control, you can eliminate that stress. Don't focus on things you can't control. Watch the video for more inspiring strong words to help motivate you today. 

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