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Happiness is like the sun; it is often hidden by the clouds of thoughts and worries. You have to scatter and dissolve the clouds, which are your thoughts and worries, so you can experience happiness. You don't have to create happiness, because it is part of your essence, but is just hidden. All you have to do is calm down your mind and feelings, because when you have a quiet mind and inner peace, happiness emerges from within you. Happiness is not something that is unattainable and does not depend on circumstances, objects or events. It is an inseparable part of your consciousness, of your essence, and comes out when your mind is free from disturbance and constant thinking.

The mind is in a constant race from one thought to another, from one worry to another. It constantly moves from one object or task to the next. This restlessness hides the happiness that is within you in the same way that a choppy sea hides the bottom of the ocean. When the sea gets calm you can see the beauty at the bottom. When the mind gets quiet you experience the happiness that is within you.

You can experience more happiness in your life by calming down your mind. Next time you feel happy, stop for a moment and consider the state of your mind. You will be surprised to discover that it is calm, and your mind is almost blank. Since the mind is not used to stay in this peaceful state for long, and therefor it becomes active again, and the sense of happiness disappears. When you are happy, your mind is free from thoughts. When you are able to calm your mind, you experience happiness.

Inner peace and happiness are interconnected. In order to become more happy you must also learn to calm your mind which will make it less restless. The experience of mystics throughout the ages has shown that happiness is inherent in our souls; it is not something to be gained, we already possess it and just need to do what is necessary to uncover it. Again, if you can disperse the thoughts and worries that fill your mind, you will experience this inherent happiness. You can do so by any means that slows down the incessant flow of thoughts and chatter in your mind. This could be by immersing yourself in something you love doing, taking a walk on the beach before sunset, learning to focus your mind or by meditation.

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