Tony Robbins' Guide On How To Have Self Confidence

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Tony Robbins believes that you should shift your focus. He suggest that you model those successful inspirations that came before you. Take control of your state. Learn the right rituals that are best for your goal. We already all have daily and weekly rituals from working out to brushing our teeth. Our lives according to Tony are controlled by our daily rituals. Use successful rituals in your life.

Tony Robbins suggests that, “If you do the right thing at the wrong time, you don't get rewarded you get pain”. That's right, it's important to know when act. You have to learn how to condition yourself. Watch the video to try a test he suggests to show you how you seek and find things. It's a very interesting test to prove how if you look you will find.

Tony Robbins also asks what would you have to be to feel proud. What about that makes you feel proud? He asks the audiences these questions. What do you feel grateful? What about that makes you feel grateful? What could you get excited about? Can you think about something that you can get excitement about? How does that make you feel?

Watch this great motivational video to see what these questions will lead to. This video is a great way to change your mood. It'll get you to the right mentality for accomplishing your goals. No matter how successful you are, there's always room to improve. Everyone should give this video a view to better themselves. 

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