This Vacationer Saves This Babies Life That Was Found Floating, Lifeless In A Lake

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It’s every mother’s nightmare, for something to happen to one of her babies. Somehow this toddler had an accident in the water and was next seen floating lifelessly down the stream of a lake.

A mother of three children, from Seattle, Darci Gillen Dawson, was on vacation in Montana with her family when she looked over her shoulder and saw a little boy’s body and immediately took off running after him. She didn’t have to think about it, she dropped everything she was doing and took off after that little boy. 

When she lifted him up, his face was gray and he was not alive, she told reporters. He probably had been in the water for at least six minutes according to EMT’s who came to the scene. Darci, not knowing the little boy at all, had performed CPR on the little boy for over 20 minutes until he finally regained consciousness and took a breath.

“There’s no better feeling than that, nothing compares to seeing life being brought back into someone so helpless and innocent. You can tell by the huge grin on my face,” she said after she had seen the photo and the smile on her face after the incident.

The parents of the little boy were at a loss of words, they could not believe something like this happened. You don’t understand if you don’t have children of your own, in a blink of an eye, they could be doing something and you not know. That’s why it’s called an accident. They were so unbelievably thankful for this wonderful woman who saved their child’s life. Nothing could ever repay her. 

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