This Teen Who Was Paralyzed Surprised Nurse By Standing Up! 

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Bailey's story is so inspirational, so unbelievable, such a touching story! She had been in a horrible accident while playing with her father and fell on her back. She had no feelings in her legs, she was given a 5% chance of walking again. Boy did she beat those odds! There are so many people in this world that should watch this video for an inspiration in their life.

Bailey worked hard and was very determined to beat those odds that doctors were given her. She was too young, she had too much life ahead of her, if she was given a chance, she was going to take it. This girl is a true fighter! Being completely paralyzed from the waist down, she didn't give up, she fought as hard as she could and learned to walk in just 11 short days! That in itself is amazing! 

To be told that you may never walk again is something anyone would almost die to hear. Never walk? Be in a wheel chair forever after walking for your entire life. Just because a freak accident? It just couldn't be true for this 18 year old girl in her senior year of high school. NO wasn't the answer, she was going to do whatever it took to make sure she would be dancing at her prom and she did exactly that! 

She went to the hospital to see the nurse who had helped her through the way, the nurse immediately recognized her. They had spent so much time together and the nurse was so amazing to her. Bailey gave her the surprise of a lifetime and her reaction, absolutely priceless! That is EXACTLY why nurses are nurses, because they genuinely care. This video sends chills up my spine! I love Bailey and this nurse and I am so happy that Bailey fought and is now walking. You go girl!

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