This Stranger Had No Clue That He Would Be Saving The Life Of His Future Wife

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This man decided to donate a portion of his liver to a woman who was dying from an advanced liver disease. What he did not know is how later he would marry her. Heather Krueger who lives in Chicago was only 27 years old when she was diagnosed with stage four liver disease. “They immediately told me it would be life or death and that I needed a transplant as soon as possible,” she said. “By that time, I was already feeling my body shutting down as each day passed,” she added.

Chris Dempsey, who is a code enforcement officer for a town just south of Chicago, overheard someone talking about the need of Heather’s transplant while he was in the lunchroom on afternoon. “I had spent four years in the Marine Corps and I learned that I never could run from anything, you had to face your troubles head on, so I thought to myself, ‘Hey, if I can help this girl, I want to help,” he told reporters. 

Heather and Chris had never even met but he had himself tested to see if he could be a donor and the results came back that he was in fact a compatible donor so he asked Heather to lunch to discuss it. “We had lunch together, we discussed in detail on what the procedure would be like, what the process would be and what the outcome would be,” they said.

Just after a few short weeks, the couple successful underwent surgery to do the transplant. They removed about half of Chris’ liver and inserted it into Heather. After the surgery, the two kept in touch, speaking often. Believe it or not, the two fell in love and married just 18 months after the surgery!

"You are the most incredible, selfless and loving man I have ever met in my entire life. You believe in me more than anyone ever has, you make me feel so wanted, so loved and so amazing every single day. Because of you, I smile, I laugh and I can actually dream again. I look forward to every single day of life with you from here on out,” Heather told her new husband in her wedding vows! 

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