This Shocking 101-Year-Old Man Is An Amazing Neighbor

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What have you done for your neighbor lately? You may want to take some tips from this 101 year old resident of St. Paul, MN, who was seen shoveling his neighbor’s walkway after a short snowfall. His neighbor, Kevin O’Bannon, caught it all on video and posted it on social media where it’s been seen over 1.7 million times as of the last time I checked. Kevin said to his neighbor “you’re 101 years old and you’re out here shoveling the snow off of our neighbors walkway?”

Richard Mann, the 101 year old man, said “I’m not going to overdo it, I can use the exercise and I know what I can and can’t do, I know my limitations.” Richard said that he was helping his neighbor because he was out of town and his wife and children were home. He thought the nice woman could use some help. “She doesn’t need to be out there shoveling snow, she needs to be in there with those kids, enjoying her time, and I’ve done my time, now I want to let her have hers.” 

Richard was only 4 years old when his father died, so he knew what it was like having a mom home alone. “I was the only boy and I had to step up to the plate, it was an automatic thing for me, I had to do the man’s job,” he told reporters. That included helping with neighbors and expecting nothing in return from anyone, he added. “That’s why I think so many people loved seeing a video of him, there isn’t a lot of good things going on in the world right now and it’s nice to see someone doing a good deed and not expecting anything in return,” his daughter, Margo Mann had stated. “Kindness is key to having a good life and he has done so many good deeds and his life has been wonderful, he’s 101 years old, outside shoveling snow, what does that tell you about his character?” Richard has his own way of explaining himself though, “Clean living, wine, money and women,” he giggled. He also said he got to be 101 years old by having the same breakfast every single day, bacon and eggs! 

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