This Man Made A Random Good Deed For A Local Elementary School By Paying For 89 Students Overdue Lunches

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A local, random man just paid overdue lunches for nearly 89 students in his hometown. He hopes to raise awareness, to let his ‘good deed’ continue to be paid forward because we need more kindness in the world today.

Jerry Fenton who lives in Iowa posted on his Facebook page describing what he did for a local elementary school, indicating that his goal was to have Grimes Elementary School have extra funds for kids lunches for the rest of the year. “Some people just need a little extra help sometimes, our economy isn’t the greatest right now and every penny counts so I wanted to help someone in need and who better than children?” Fenton reported.

“I made a difference today, I helped nearly 89 students, now I want this to spread around and continue good deeds all over the world, this is the start, let’s keep it going,” said Jerry. His Facebook post has drawn thousands of people and their wonderful reactions to his good deed for these children in need. 

Jerry, who is a hotel manager, said the reason he wanted to do this good deed was the desire he suddenly had to make himself feel proud of doing something nice. Some of the Facebook post reactions, people were questioning why he was announcing it to the world, why he didn’t want to remain anonymous. “Well,” he said, “I didn’t want to remain anonymous because I want this to be like a ‘Pay it Forward’ kind of thing, I want people to know, not praise me for what I have done because I have already praised myself, but I want them to read my good deed and feel the urge to do a good deed themselves. It’s a great feeling and we need more kind gestures in this world today.” 

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