This Couple Took Steve Harvey In Before He Made It Big

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If you watch television you probably have heard of Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey is known for a wide range of occupations on his resume. He’s done a lot in the entertainment industry from being a television host, comedian, author, actor, producer, and radio personality. He has become very successful in show business over the years.

Although he’s become a household name he wasn’t always successful. Watch this heart warming video to learn a little about the struggle Steve Harvey had to go through before making it big. It’s a special edition of the Steve Harvey show, this episode it’s his birthday. Since it’s his birthday the producers have a little surprise for Steve.

It starts with a surprise video phone call. He gets a call from a couple in Florida. Almost immediately, Steve starts breaking down. It's a couple named Rich & Becky. Steve goes on to explain how this is the couple that took him in when he was 26. At 26 he didn’t have anything. He was struggling with nothing. This couple who owned a furniture store, helped him pursue his career. They helped him finance his traveling to get his name out there. He spent around $11,000 of their money trying to make a name for himself.

Now Steve Harvey is a successful television personality. He created his wealth by working hard and with help from this gracious couple. He claims that he has been looking for them for years. He was overwhelmed with joy when he finally spoke to them. He offered to fly them out to see his show.

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