This Black Dad Finds An Awesome Note and Money on Windshield When Coming out of The Restaurant

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This black dad was pleased to have an normal day with his son that suddenly turn into an unusual lesson in kindness from some strangers.

Kevon Smith Sr. was having a nice normal, sit down breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in Willoughby, Ohio with his son Kevon Jr. when he saw an older couple in the corner of the restaurant smiling at them. Thinking it wasn’t really a big deal, maybe just older people loving the little baby, Kevon ate the rest of his meal, and after paying, him and his son went out to the car. That’s when he found a note on his windshield with money enclosed.

 “We need more black dads like you, taking their son out, showing a good example to their baby,” the note read. “Today, your meal is on us. Enjoy that baby boy as long as God intends for you. Keep doing what you’re doing, you look like an amazing role model for your son. Sincerely, the Masons.”

The couple obviously didn’t know Kevon and since Kevon didn’t have a father growing up, the couple’s kindhearted act touched his heart deeply. He intends on saving the note as a positive lesson for Kevon Jr. when he gets older to show him, there are good people in this world, people watch you when you least expect it. To do a kind gesture, not knowing that person, could change that person’s day, it could change the outlook on your life completely. 

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