This Awesome Couple Stops By A Nursing Home During Their Big Bachelor Weekend!

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This soon to be married couple took the party to a whole new level this weekend when they stopped by a nursing home during their joint bachelor/bachelorette weekend. Philip Colston and Oni Burrel decided to put the party on hold for a few hours and make some time for volunteering at a local nursing home to spend some time playing games and dancing with some of the residents. “We were able to hang out, make new friends, play a few games of bingo, dance around with them and even played a cool wedding game with them! It was an amazing time and a great memory that we made together this weekend,” the soon to be bride said.  

This trip was special to Oni because when she was in college, she took care of her grandma so she has a special place in her heart for the old folks! “I knew I wanted us to do something that meant something, something that touched my heart, that I could never forget and the first thing that popped into my mind was volunteering and hanging out at a nursing home,” she said. “My parents, growing up, taught me how volunteering was very important and doing good things for others was the right thing to do. No one in our entire wedding party questioned why we were doing it, they all went along and we had an awesome time,” she added. 

“The young generation, like ourselves, needs to realize how important it is to volunteer. It was the coolest thing of our trip, I think. The Nursing home welcomed us with open arms, literally and even took it upon themselves to decorate our party room in our wedding colors, it was so special.” That wasn’t the only thing the wedding party did, the rest of the weekend, they all shared a house in Atlanta, did fun stuff around the city and had some fun at a night out on the town. 

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