This 15 Year Old Missed Her Favorite Band In Concert Because She Got Ill... But She's Got A Surprise of A Lifetime In Her Hospital Room!

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Today was an amazing day for this 15 year old girl who recently got diagnosed with a very horrible illness. She was very upset to say the least, she missed her favorite band in concert, Florence and the Mac. She had been looking forward to it for so long and she had to miss it. So, what happened? She was surprised with friends, family and her favorite band right there in her hospital room!

It's an awesome thing what Florence and the Mac did for this little girl, they may never realize how much this really meant to her. To be sitting in a hospital bed at 15 years old, as sick as she was and this kind of surprise, made her entire year!! Florence and the Mac had been contacted by a family member who wrote them a letter letting them know what happened, she thought maybe they would send a card to her or something.

Well, she was wrong, they made a surprise visit to her in her hospital room and had friends and family meet to record this beautiful thing! They are singing together while she lays in bed because she can't get up. It's very sad to see someone so young, once full of so much life, be tied down into a bed unable to get up. But the support she is receiving on this specific day will be unforgettable for her.

I love when singers or bands make surprises like this, it's so touching to see how much they truly care about their fans. She wasn't paid to come, she wasn't even asked to come, she was just contacted and she went here out of the kindness of her heart. What a sweet woman she was, to sit and hold her hand, making this little girls dream come true! I love this!!

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