These DIY Eco-Friendly "Air Conditioners" Are Cooling Down Bangladesh

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Tom Hale brings us new news that is helping people all around the world based on a simple do-it-yourself project. From college dorms to the boonies of Bangladesh, innovation has brought people much needed climate relief. With the recent rises in global temperature combined with the brutality of Bangladesh swamps, it is no wonder people are willing to seek out any means by which to achieve relief.

Tom promotes the project named “Eco-cooler” as a cheap means by which housing in Bangladesh can achieve air cooling. All that is required is a board and a dozen or so plastic bottles. The project was started by Grey Dhaka and Grameen Intel Social Business LTD. Given the dependency on plastic bottles for this solution, we can understand why it took so long to appropriate a means of relief.

Wind blowing through bottles properly attached to the board and placed in a window can achieve up to a 5 Degree Celsius change. This requires no electricity and can be easily assembled in relatively short time. The current initiative in the region has helped cool 25,000 households. Blueprints for creating the Eco-Cooler have been put up online, with raw materials being easily available. 

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