These Awesome Cars Will Deliver AID To So Many People All Over Africa, Thanks To The Ikea Like Supercar

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These crazy new cars that were just created, put together like Ikea furniture, they say will help bring aid to people all over Africa! These can drive on dirt, on roads, through grassy areas, they will help cover so much more people than we could ever imagine!

The OX is what they are calling it, the world’s first flat-pack car that can be put together by 3 people in under 12 hours. Crossing the perfidious African wasteland in a vehicle has always proved difficult for all kinds of exclusive, heavy-weight models like on the market, that’s why supercar genius Gordon Murray created this 2-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle that was built entirely out of super lightweight Scandinavian plywood that’s engineered. The material is built to carry up to two tons of freight and endure the rocky roads of this landmass.

Though the assembled sample of this vehicle is about the same size as the Ford Focus, the automobile’s size, when shipped in all of the necessary parts, amounts to a portion of its ultimate height, letting more vehicles to be transported easily to areas that are in dire need. A regular shipping vessel, for an example, can carry only two regularly-sized motor vehicles as opposed to six flat-pack trucks.

Best of all, the hit British TV show Top Gear confirmed that there are no special tools that are required for the assembly and, with typical delight, declared the vehicle to be indestructible!

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