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Located in Scottsville, Kentucky, you will find an amazing place. It is called The Center for Courageous Kids (CCK). It is a camp built and funded specifically for children with serious illness and lifelong disabilities. Kids and families can attend with no charge. Children can go to the camp with or without their parents because it is fully equipped for their needs. They can also partake in weekend family events where the whole family can camp and even meet other families who have children with the same diagnosis. The goal of the camp is to give qualifying kids the same camping experiences other children without illness and disability get to have.

The group's mission is not only about camping. They want to bring out the best in everyone involved in the experience. This is why they promote supportive relationships with adults and peers, self esteem and confidence. CCK wants to develop a sense of independence and gain group interaction. They also want to promote growth through self discovery and expression. Many of the guests have never felt included before, especially while also receiving care for complex medical needs. It is a real treat to visit the camp and relax.

The Center for Courageous Kids write, "While we ensure that our campers are having fun swimming, fishing, and riding horses, we are also dedicated to creating an environment that fosters opportunities for making excellent choices, creating and sustaining healthy relationships with peers, building personal confidence to work through challenges and achieve personal goals." This means they give the children the option to choose what they want to do during their trip. They also have them try new dances, activities and foods. The kids get a sense of independence during the week, and even have opportunities to perform in front of groups and be a shining star! 

There are many camp-like activities to do as well. As mentioned, children get to go fishing. They can ride horses from the stable. They get to swim, and they can paddle around in boats on the lake and explore the quiet, natural environment surrounding them. Many of the guests have never been on a horse, or on a boat, so it is more than exciting for them. The greatest part is they are safe with quality-trained support staff, a medical team, and any equipment needed. The kids get to have fun while their medical needs are met, so it eliminates any worry and replaces it with pure fun.

The team at Courageous Kids really go above and beyond to assist the families in getting to the camp comfortably, having a safe and memorable time during the week or weekend, and making the transition back home easy. The CCK is extremely passionate. They want to work there meet the children and families, and give make their dreams come true. The staff feel grateful to be a part of the children's lives, and that builds a great environment and happy place for those who get to go there. 

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