The Biggest Difference Between A Winner And A Loser

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Motivational speaker Tony Robbins gives us a story about golf that ends up being quite a life lesson he takes with him throughout the years. He begins sharing with us how after a previous successful day with his golf coach he was feeling discouraged being so off the following day. His coach explained to him how he was just a millimeter off from having a successful swing.

The following day he meets with his client who is one of the world's most successful plastic surgeons. He visits him at work and he notices these sample books in the doctors office. There are books filled with portraits of people the world defines as beautiful. He as these as essentially samples for patients to express how they want to be transformed. On these samples there are measurements, the doctor has measured features on these faces. The idea then occurs to him again, that millimeters make the difference.

He takes this idea and applies it to life. That if things aren't going according to plan that you're just one millimeter from making things different. If you change your direction by simply one millimeter you end up at a completely different destination. He suggests making small changes to your life to achieve massively different results.

You can train yourself to believe certain things. He then goes into incantations. He explains what they are and how they help. He does these incantations before he gives speeches everyday. Watch this video to see what he means and what they are. 

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