The Best Piece Of Advice Tony Robbins Ever Got

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Tony Robbins, the multimillionaire successful motivational speaker sits down for an interview and allows us to pick his brain. He holds conferences every year for thousands upon thousands to hear his advice because they believe in him. Many have found truth and motivation in his books and have seen a positive change in their lives after abiding by his words and suggestions. This interview allows us to hear and get to know Tony a little more.

The interviews begins with asking him what book he's currently reading. He shares in this video that the book he's currently reading is “The Believing Brain”. It's a book how our brain our beliefs shape our life and shape our environment. He finds it fascinating and touches on the book and why he recommenders it.

The next question the interviewer asks is much more deep. He asks him, “what is the best piece of advice he has ever gotten?” Tony takes some time to think about it. He says that one of his mentors says “add more value than anybody else does” and you won't have to worry. Be the person that does more for others.

You might ask how does one do this? He says you do this by improving yourself everyday. If you improve yourself everyday you can therefore help others more. You have more to give. More to add to any situation. He also mentions his favorite piece of technology. Watch the video to find out what it is. 

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