Teen's Baseball Dream Made A Reality Thanks To Google Fiber

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Meet Nick. He dreams of baseball, as his dad would say when introducing his son. His parents describe the teen as a boy who was born with fire in his eyes. An energetic boy who was like a pistol. When you ask Nick what he likes about baseball he responds with “ I like everything about it, I don't know what I don't like”. He's just a young boy with a spirit that lives and breaths football.

Unfortunately Nick got Ill. Doctors spent weeks testing him to figure out was wrong. After weeks scared and terrified in the hospital he was finally diagnosed with aplastic anemia. Aplastic anemia is life threatening. It is an extremely rare disease where bone marrow is damaged. Because the bone marrow is damaged, it is no longer able to create mature blood cells. Science says that it can be cause by variety of things like radiation or genes but that in 50% of the cases the cause is unknown.

Nick has a severe case of this blood disorder. He is a strong boy though. He has only cried once after getting his diagnosis, when the doctors told him he wouldn't be able to play baseball. His mother said he broke down after hearing that he couldn't play ball. His spirit was crushed. Not only can he not participate on the field but with his conditions doctors advice him to not be around large crowds. This means that going to games are no longer an alternative either for Nick.

Google heard Nicks story and decided to do something about it. Since he couldn't go to baseball, they brought baseball to him. They used Google Fiber to allow him the honor of throwing the first pitch at the colosseum from thousands of miles away. It was all a surprise too! He didn't know until he arrived at the Google Fiber office. He was the first telerobotic first pitch. It reached news stations from around the country. Months later he has found a bone marrow match and is doing better. 

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