Teacher In Afghanistan Spreads Love And Learning By Way Of Bicycle

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Saber Hosseini, a teacher in central Afghanistan, understands how hard living in this country can be, especially in the countryside. It is third world nation torn apart by war, corruption and poverty. Rather then be discouraged, Hosseini is a positivity warrior and believes in the power of hope and education.

There are many villages in Afghanistan that are very poor and the people in these villages do not have access to things you and I take for granite. There are no schools in these villages as well, which kind of stifles the idea of hope for these communities, seeing there really is no way out. Hosseini, who lives near by many of these villages, saw his opportunity to help.

Hosseini rides out on the weekends and turns his bike into a mobile library. He goes to village to village handing out books to the many children who do not have access to reading material. These kids might not have had any other means of finding a way to learn how to read.

“Many of those children are old enough for the third or fourth grade but in fact they have not learned to read and write at all. This should not be happening.”

Hosseini logs all the books he brings so he can always bring new ones. He also listens to kids requests on what kind of books they want next. In only seven months his library of 200 books grew to be a library of 3500.

It seems like small gesture in the grand scheme of things but who knows, the power of hope can alter someone’s life so much, especially while they are so young. These children might become entirely new people now, successful people, because at a young age they had the change to read, explore and realized from a young age that their people who care and respect them. 

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