Siblings Finally Uncover The Secret of Their Long-Lost Sister After 40 Years

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Get the tissues ready this one is going to be a tear jerker. It'll be heartbreaking but it will be a heart lifter as well. This edition of Lost and Found begins with the story of Julie Senior.

She was found as a baby in a bassinet with a bottle of milk and a note that said take care of me. She was abandoned in Sydney when she was only three weeks old. She never knew her family.

Julie was adopted and she didn't know until she was 19. She was confused as to why her mother left her. Her note said when the next time was that she needed feeding so she always theorized that her mother couldn't take care of her but still cared. She hoped that she was left out of despair, hoping her baby would be better looked out after by someone else.

When she found out she was abandoned, it took a long time for her to connect to the fact that it was her. She then started her search to look for her family and to learn about her mother. She looked to a reunion page in hopes of finding clues.

It wasn't until six years later that she got a reply. She got an email from someone who believed that Julie might be her half sister. She shared in the email that if it was true she also had a half brother. She couldn't believe that she had actually gotten a reply.

She learned that the lady's name was Kim and her brothers name was Larry. They were both abandoned by their mother as well. They had a rough up growing. Larry was sick as a child and his mother raised him for a little more than a year. Soon she became pregnant with Kim and a couple weeks later she abandoned them. She left them with nuns, it wasn't even an orphanage. They were soon all reunited in Sydney. They were filled with tears of joy. A family was finally reunited. They are all still looking for their mother.

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