Seniors Might Find Love Again In Bookstore

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Just when you think that love has forgotten you, may this story remind you that love is hardly ever punctual. Miriam Steiner, 93 and Harold Sharlin, 90, is one of the many examples that love exist. They recently went on a blind date in a bookstore called Politics & Prose located in D.C.

The staff at the bookstore were beyond touched that they had to snap a picture of the duo and posted it up on, of course, Facebook.

“It’s certainly speaks to the fact that it’s never too late for a new connection, friendship and love,” said Lena Little, director of marketing and publicity of the D.C. bookstore.

As to how these two insanely adorable duo met, their date was arranged by Sharlin's granddaughter, who was a waitress that served Steiner. They chatted with each other and Sharlin's granddaughter soon discovered that Steiner's husband had passed away in 1999, only a year apart from Sharlin, who lost his wife in 1998.

Excited to play matchmaker, Sharlin's granddaughter decided to pair the two up for a blind date since Steiner's bubbly personality was a potential match for her grandfather.

It was only when Steiner checked into the bookstore and chatted with the staff, that's where they learnt that they were on a blind date. The staff respected their privacy and kept a distance from the duo.

“That caught their attention immediately, needless to say,” said Little. “The staff didn’t hover or interfere with the date, of course, but Harold and Miriam cheerfully stopped by the information desk in good spirits before leaving.”

“It’s not easy, making connections as a senior,” said Steiner. “But we need it. It’s up there with Medicare and Social Security. I hope people remember that.”

Although it might seem like an attempt at gaining more publicity for the bookstore, the news of the seniors blind date duo have made others share their very own incredible stories.

“That has been yet another WONDERFUL and unexpected thing to come from our meeting Harold and Miriam: people have been sharing their own stories of meeting and falling in love at Politics & Prose and we couldn’t be happier.” said Little.

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