Sacrifice of Being A Mother

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The world is faced with many difficulties from racial discrimination, socioeconomic hardships, and gender violence. Struggles that are faced by everyone in the society, be it a, man, woman, child, etc. No one seems to escape from one problem that is associated with the current world. These people work every day, but then they need their voices to be heard so that the society can know what is happening all over the world. 

Let’s take the case of Adriana a mother who has been working at McDonalds for the past one week. Her one week pays out if she works full time is $508.38, but then like you and me, Adriana has bills to pay. Her son needs childcare that she pays $100 weekly, her heat and water expenses are estimated to be around $300 per month. Her rent totals to $500. Her basic expenses are already exceeding twice of what she earns in two weeks, what of her other expenses like groceries, medical cover and other necessities needed by her son that are supposed to help with his education. All these seem impossible. 

That’s the scenario that many workers have in the country. Their expenses exceed their earnings; they are not able to even save for their children’s future education. Many workers after working 40 hours weekly find it hard to make ends meet with the little amount of money they have. The minimum wage in the US varies from one state to another. The average range of the minimum wage being $7.25 to $10.50 hourly, though Washington DC plans to raise its minimum wage to $11.50 by July 1st. Still the cost of living is way too high and even though some states have scheduled raising the minimum wage in the future. The economics expert, highly doubt if it will be able to change the situation or even making it any better in the long run. It’s very common to find someone working, but they are unable to even pay for their own meals. 

Veterans who come back home find themselves in a similar situation, studies show that most veterans have a full time job but cannot afford for their own meals. This is just a simple common scenario. What they are asking is to be compensated fairly and freedom to form unions so that they can have a chance to sit together with the corporate who are always making many decisions that affect the lives of the veterans and other workers. All these are done as an effort to strengthen and boost their economic power, and hence be able to invest financial development back into their neighborhoods.

The journey is still long, but progress is being made. California and New York have agreed to raise the minimum wage to $15 hourly. Pennsylvania workers have also received the good news with thousands of workers having their minimum wages being raised to $15.

Hoping for more states to join the campaign in helping workers earn what is able to make them economically capable. 

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