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What an awesome idea to have a fridge for the public to use. Whether it be to drop off or pick up, this will help the homeless during the coldest and hottest of days. Hopefully it will help nourish them enough where they are not as sick any longer! This is a really good idea and every city should have this available to the homeless!

If there was a public fridge in every city, where the homeless shelters are, this would help so many people. I live in Florida, a part where there are not too many homeless but there are homeless people here in this city. I'm one to give them food, water, cold drinks during hot days, a dollar or two for the bus, in hopes that I helped them for at least one day.

A public fridge would help some people get rid of food that will expire before it is used and also to help those in need. There should actually be more than one in a city, too many people in need. The issue is, some would take advantage and just grocery shop in there, I can see it now. I would hope I would be wrong but there are many people like that in this world.

Helping the homeless or less fortunate is such a wonderful feeling, if you haven't done it or haven't done it in a long time, you should. It's very gratifying and the look on their face, their appreciation is priceless. If you're able to help someone, you should, it may change their day or it may change their life. Give them a clean shirt, a pair of shoes you don't wear anymore, stop at a place to eat and get them some food or some nice cold drinks or a few bucks to take the bus, it makes a difference. 

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