Protecting Wild Life: Cheetah Cubs Are Cared For After Emergency C-Section

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Protecting wild life has always been a major priority for veterinary practitioners at The Cincinnati Zoo. The Cincinnati Zoo has been known for handling cheetahs, breeding them, conservation in Africa and caring for the cheetah cubs that are born in the zoo. 

Recently the zoo had five cheetah cubs born through C-section at the breeding facility where the cubs are being cared for in intensive care.

Dr. Mark Campbell, who is the Director and Chief veterinarian for Animal Health at the Cincinnati Zoo says he has been apart of three C-sections in his 25-year career. He talks about the mother of these cubs, that when she was due for delivery she had complications that they all thought was abnormal and after evaluating her the decision was made collectively that it would be best to perform a C-section on the mother, which turned out to be the best option for her and her cubs.

Unfortunately, the mother of the cubs passed away after struggling to recover from the procedure.

Dr. Campbell said it was all a team effort and was quite quick. The most important thing was that everyone did their job to ensure a successful C-section. He also said that these cubs, after birth, were very fragile and at high risk because their immune system isn’t adequately developed to withstand infection, so they are being fed with their mother’s milk and have to be really careful about hygiene. They are being kept in a clean nursery and their formula is being sterilized as well as their water. He further said that there are adequate measures to ensure that these cubs are well taken care of.

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