Princess Anna From Frozen (Kristen Bell) Calls A Little Girl Who's Fighting Brain Cancer. LOVE THIS!

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Princess Anna from frozen calls this sweet little girl who's fighting brain cancer?! OMG! I love this!! You could tell this little girl was beyond excited, at a loss of words and couldn't believe that princess Anna had called her! This is such a cute idea to make a kids day!

First, little kids with cancer should get anything they wish for, that's a must! And how cool is it that she was crowned Princess? What a dream come true for this sweet girl! I would have been stoked at her age to get a call from a Disney character telling me I was princess, too!

What would your kid do if they received a call from their favorite Disney character? Mine would go nuts and I have to do this for her! Disney is so awesome, their movies are always great, kids always love them, their theme parks are phenomenal and now characters can call you? 

This made this little girls day! What a blessing to be able to do little things like this and make someones day to the point where they can't even speak. How precious! 

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