Pets of Homeless Helps Homeless People With Pets

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Pets of the Homeless is an animal organization that helps feed and provide veterinary assistance to pets of the homeless. With the ever growing number of homeless people forced out of their homes by choice or not, who are we to turn a blind eye. It is a constant struggle every single day but it may be a bit more difficult when stranded with a pet.

Genevieve Frederick, the founder of Pets of the Homeless started her nonprofit organization with her daughter, Renee Lowry back in 2007. It was during a trip in New York City that she realized that she needed to help the homeless. She saw a homeless man standing with his dog and was utterly confused as to when he would have a pet if he was homeless. It was only when she noticed that his dog wasn't on a leash and stayed by the owner's side. That struck a chord in her heart almost immediately.

After she returned home in Carson City, Nevada, Frederick did a lot of research and was in shock to discover the harsh reality of homeless people with pets, who most often need to choose between having a shelter for themselves and staying in the streets with their loyal pets. Most of them choose the streets.

Pets of the Homeless offers creates to other homeless shelters and is very proud of their service.

“For shelters that say ‘yes,’ we will send that shelter free collapsible sleeping crates, so that these people can get in out of the cold, out of the heat, off the streets, for just a little bit,” said Frederick. “This keeps them in a secure place and keeps everybody safe.”

Pets of the Homeless have been thriving and Frederick and her daughter are amazed that the organization have evolved in such a fast pace. Their organization has treated 12,800 pets and has provided food and veterinary care for pets all over the United States.

“What [the homeless] lack in their ability to provide vital resources like food, shelter and medicine for their pets, they reciprocate tenfold in love,” she says in the video below. 

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