On Their Way To The Airport From A Rally, Donald Trump Jr. Helps Out Stranded Girl On The Side Of The Road

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A girl in Arizona got some much needed help from a few guys that pulled over to help as she was stranded on the road when her car decided to stall. One of those guys happened to be Donald Trump Jr.

The act of kindness went viral overnight when a video and picture was posted on Facebook by a local official. “He didn’t know anyone was filming, he didn’t do it for a reaction, the girl didn’t even know who he was and you could tell when it was happening, she just appreciated the help. Then, you could see when they were off to the side, they introduced themselves and she couldn’t believe it was him,” they posted.

The car was broken down just a couple cars ahead of Trump Jr.’s and the heat index was about 100 degrees. Trump Jr. and the other guys helped push her car to the side and gave her some water.

Then, once they had introduced themselves, shortly after, the girl had posted

“This JUST happened in Mesa and THIS is why I'm voting for Trump. I was on our way from a rally for President Trump and Donald Trump Jr. hopped out first to help push my car off the road, get some water and call for help for me.” 

“I have been around many politicians, most would get mad or just go around the girl broken down, but not Donald Trump Jr., he got out and was pushing the car, getting the girl some much needed help,” reporters posted.

After an appearance that Donald Trump Jr. had made at a local college, he posted on Facebook that "Millennials need to vote for Trump, they want to hear what we have to say, they are ready to #draintheswamp and get rid of the politicians that got this country into this huge mess that we are currently in. They know they will get stuck with the problems later so they want to fix it before it gets too ugly," he wrote on Facebook. 

Arizona had originally showed Trump in the lead but recent polls have shown almost a tie, the Clinton campaign has done some advertising and speeches all throughout the state, hoping to turn their decisions into Democrats. 

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