OMG!!!! This video!! I Am At A Loss For Words! This Is The Sweetest Thing I Have Ever Seen!! 

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OMG!! I just can't!!! This Dad is something incredible! I love how happy his little girl is to be dancing, she clearly is having an amazing time! This brings tears to my eyes. I literally cried the entire video!!!

This dad was so cute about it too, the way he looked at his daughter with such love is amazing! I love it!!!! The girls dress was so cute too :) its funny how the dad was kind of trying to dance but looks like they didn't practice much, but who could with that sweet girl? I'd get lost in her love too!! 

Those shoes she has on!!!! She is just a doll!! I can't say enough about this video, just one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!! Go dad!! I sincerely hope they won this pageant!!

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Amy Haren


Amy comes from a family of literary geniuses. Her mother and father were published many times in many different publications throughout the world for not only their stories but their photos. Growing up reading the stories her parents wrote, Amy fell in love with animals and travel. She travels when she can and usually heads for the jungles or oceans.