Nonprofit Is Stressing What A Shower Can Do To Help, Providing A "Shower On Wheels" For Thousands Of Homeless In San Francisco

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San Francisco California is known for its innovation; the newest project is far from the technological norm. This original project is helping the homeless population of San Francisco. Lava Mae is the nonprofit organization that has converted old school buses into shower facilities. Leah Filled is the engagement Director at Lave Mae, telling reporters, “We convert old transportation busses to deliver hygiene, dignity, and a little bit of hope”, a wonderful sentiment. An everyday habit that we take for granted, a simple shower, having the impact to give an individual more confidence in themselves.

Lava Mae takes donated transportation buses and converts them into bathrooms, one transformed bus will supply the homeless population with 2,000 showers a week. Tapping into city hydrants the busses are able to supply water to all the showers on board. Lava Mae calls what they do, “radical hospitality”, trying to help the thousands of homeless dispersed all over San Francisco.

The videographer then goes onto interview one homeless man named Steve. He is the chilling reality that homelessness could happen to anyone. Steve telling the interviewer, “I have been homeless for 10-months and I have a MBA in finance from Stanford”, the interviewer asking, “How did this happen? “, Steve replying, “we are just one paycheck away”. A chilling response to the reality that this can happen to anyone. 

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