Navy SEALS Award Their Youngest Recruit, 6-Year-Old Mason Rudder

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Jared Ogden, former United States Navy SEAL, has taken the Make-A-Wish act to new heights. When Ogden heard about 6-year-old Mason Rudder and his dreams of one day becoming a Navy SEAL him and his team decided to make a dream into a reality. Mason was born with a rare neuromuscular recessive genetic disorder called Multiple Pterygium Syndrome, also known as Escobar Syndrome. The disorder affects joints and muscles in the body and also affects the respiratory system. Having Multiple Pterygium Syndrome, Rudder has gone through 10 surgeries to assist with everyday actions such as breathing, eating, and walking.

Despite his ailments Mason Rudder is an optimistic child who loves to hunt with his father and brothers. Mason also loves the military especially the Navy SEALS and wishes to become a Navy SEAL himself one, but the fact that he can only use 20% of his muscle strength poses a threat to the actualization of his dreams. “I want to save the country and I want to save people,” Mason explained when he was asked why his goal to was become a Navy SEAL. Once Ogden caught wind of this he assembled his team from Asymmetric Solutions, a tactical training course taught by combat-experienced former soldiers, and brought Rudder closer to his dream.

Ogden and Mason spent the day going through various forms of Navy SEAL training including demolition and sniper training. “Knowing the lasting impact that was going to have on Mason, we really wanted to support that and make him a SEAL for a day,” Ogden explained. Restoring faith in himself and his situation Mason was able to see another side of life. A life full of possibilities, bravery, and catching the bad guys. A life that one day Mason Rudder hopes to lead. With the support of his mother Suzanne Rudder, and the rest of his family Mason is beaming from ear-to-ear showing no hint of letting Multiple Pterygium Syndrome stop him from living the life he has always dreamed to live.

Once his training was complete Mason was awarded a Navy SEAL trident, as authentic as what the BUD/S class receives. And with the help of his newly acquired Action Track Chair he is able to be more mobile and is in high spirits. Having a day with the SEALS truly reinforced Mason’s positive outlook on life, and it has restored faith in his family that anyone can truly live out their dreams regardless of the circumstance. 

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