Mother Elephant Doesn't Give Up Until Her Baby Is Saved

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Elephants are such majestic animals. They are part of the mammal family. They can be categorized into two categories, African elephants and Asian elephants. They are herbivores so their diet consists of different plants and no meat.

Although Elephants are herbivores and aren't hunters doesn't mean that they aren't aggressive. Elephant mothers are known for being extremely aggressive and protective of their offspring. If they feel that their offspring are in danger their maternal instinct kicks in and they can be lead to stampede for protection.

Elephant mothers aren't always aggressive, they're extremely nurturing as well. Here we have a prime example of how maternal elephants can be compared to some of the other animals of the animal kingdom. Some offspring live on their own almost immediately after birth. Some parents even eat some of their offspring. Elephants are completely different.

In this video an baby elephant fell into a muddy well. The baby's mother attempted every way she could to help him out. She tried and stood by his side for 11 hours. She never abandoned him. Even as the crowd began to surround and grow she wasn't intimated or distracted. Eventually locals were able to help get the baby out of the well to safety and his mother. 

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