Mother And Daughter Elephant Reunited By Elephant Nature Park

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A baby elephant in Thailand named Me-Bai, was recently reunited with her mother Mae Yui at the beginning of this month. The baby elephant was separated from its mother for more than three years and was trained to perform acts for tourists. Because of the nature of the baby elephant's occupation, she had lost weight and had grown to be skinny. When the Elephant Nature Park heard of the baby elephant's plight, they immediately stepped right in and tried very hard to persuade Me-Bai's owner to give her up.

He eventually gave in and took her to the Elephant Nature Park.

“When [Me-Bai] first arrived, she was quite nervous and we took care to feed her well until she was healthy again,” the Elephant Nature Park wrote in their blog. “We also began to search what had become of her mother. We found that her mother was working in the trekking camp.”

Fortunately for Me-Bai, Mae Yui's owners had also agreed to retire the adult elephant from the trekking business and had allowed the mother and daughter to reunite in the elephant park.

“The heart-touching story about the reunion of a mother and baby elephant illustrates beautifully the incredible memories and love elephants have for one another,” said elephant expert, Joyce Poole. “It is with this science-based understanding of elephants as empathetic beings that we ask [countries to amend their treaties] to protect elephants from brutal capture, separation from family, and export to zoos.”

Asian elephants grow up to 21 feet long, stand up to 10 feet tall, and weigh up to 11,000 pounds. Females reach around eight and a half feet tall and weigh less than males. Despite their size, elephants are able to walk silently. They had been greatly reduced in the last half century due to human hunting activities and their habitat destruction. They listed as endangered on the World Conservation Union's (IUCN's) Red List of Threatened Animals.

After rehabilitating the mother and daughter duo elephants, Elephant Nature Park will be releasing them into the wild, where they will live like Mother Nature had intended them to.

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