Missing Dog Found On Island After Weeks Of Being Lost At Sea

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After days of searching for his 18-month-old dog Luna, Nick had given up all hope in finding her. He and his fishing buddy were out in the Pacific Ocean, around San Clemente Island, sailing on a fishing boat one night when his German Shepard puppy went overboard. They didn't even hear it happen so they had no idea where to begin looking for her once they noticed she was gone. It was also very dark, which made matters much more difficult. It was then that Nick believed his beloved Luna was lost at sea.

Nick and his friends searched for Luna by water and plane for days and days. They drove around the island dozens of times hoping that she had somehow made her way to land. The search went on for weeks until Nick had to eventually give up and presume his dog was dead. "One minute the puppy was there, then the next minute she was gone.” the family had told officials. Little did he know though, that within a couple weeks he would be in for a pleasant surprise.

Luckily, US Navy staff was driving near the Naval Auxiliary Landing Field on San Clemente Island when they spotted Luna. They stopped the car, opened up the door, whistled, and she came running up and jumped inside. The Navy staff contacted Nick to let him know that Luna was alive and well and he was, needless to say, very relieved. He was unable to get to Coronado in time, but while he was on his way he had his friend pick Luna up for him.

Surviving this horrific episode is a miracle to say the least. Aside from surviving the more than 2-mile swim from the remote spot in the ocean where she went overboard to the San Clemente Island, survival on the island is near impossible. Officials say that with the Pacific Ocean being comprised entirely of salt water, Luna must have relied on the puddles that were formed by the recent El Nino storms for fresh water. They also believe that she survived solely on dead seagulls, fish corpses, and rats for food. Everyone involved is speechless and her owner Nick is just happy to have her home, safe and sound.

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