Mayor of Santa Monica Cuts His Salary By 50% To Meet His Budget

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This Mayor is an inspiration to everyone in the government. Everyone should be required to watch this video and take something from it. It's not every day you find someone as dedicated to their job as this man, but here, he shows he's really dedicated and will do whatever it takes to make things right. So many people can learn from this man. 

Mayor Tom Scarnecchia will be losing $34,000 a year to help reduce the city's $130,000 deficit. I think everyone needs to learn and take something from this video. He is setting an example for everyone within the government, it shows the citizens that he can and will make sacrifices to make their city a better place. It's nice to see someone so into their position.

Politics are crazy, I don't get into any of it, I don't follow it, I don't agree with any of is so it's hard for me to even comment but this man is an inspiration and I think more people should do what he's doing. Take a cut yourself, make a sacrifice, show us people that you are willing to do whatever to get the job done. It's what we need to see from you. Not just to vote for you come election but because it shows you are dedicated.

It's not everyday you find someone as dedicated as this, not only in the government but in the real world as well. CEO's, President's, Owners, they all make too much money and pay their employees entirely too little. We are the ones doing the work, we are the ones keeping you going so it's okay to make more than us, sure, that's why you're in the position you're in but if were in trouble, don't lay me off so your salary doesn't take a cut.

You have to learn to respect others and when you do, like this Mayor, you will get so much further in life. So many more people will respect you for what you do. Believe me. Watch this video, learn from it, do it, I promise you won't regret it and it will make a difference. You just wait and see. 

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Amy Haren


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