Matrix-Style “Brain Uploading” Might Soon Be A Reality 

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In the iconic movie "The Matrix" we were all presented with the awesome idea of being able to upload anything we could possibly imagine into our brains. What if we could learn a new language, learn to fly or learn some new martial arts just like in the movie? Well it turns out, that reality may not be too far away. 

HRL Laboratories is attempting to do just that, recreating the matrix by creating a cap that can upload experiences and knowledge by using electrical brain stimulation techniques. This technique is called "trans-cranial direct current stimulation" or TCDS. Subjects were tested when experts in a certain field wore caps that transferred electrical currents to beginners in that same field.

The skullcaps were fitted with customized electrodes that stimulated the brains of the novice pilots with the electrical currents of the veteran pilots. Studies conducted proved that after four days of brain stimulation the novice pilots showed a 33% increase in skill consistency during simulations compared to those who didn't have stimulation.

Although researchers have not eliminated the standard learning process (training & repetition), this is definitely showing a drastic reduction in the learning process by helping those with stimulation retain more information and much faster. So it looks like we all will be learning Kung-Fu or how to fly a plane overnight in the near future.

Check out this cool video of enhanced training through neurostimulation done by HRL Laboratories: 

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