Man Climbs Up Building Like ‘Spiderman’ To Save Two Year Old Child From Falling

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This Chinese man is now being called a hero for his heroic acts of climbing up the side of an apartment building like Superman to save a two year old toddler from falling out of the window. Liang Lee, a neighbor to the boy heard the familiar cry and ran to the window to see what was going on.

When Liang seen the child hanging from the window grille and his head was trapped in between the bars, he knew he had to do something. He was scared the child may fall two stories and seriously injure himself so he immediately started climbing the building with no hesitation to save the boy.

Bystanders started filming Liang climbing up the building without any assistance, without a safety harness, just using window ledges and emergency exit grilles to climb up the building to save this helpless young boy. While Liang helped the boy, other residents had contacted the fire department and held a quilt down below to catch either one or both in case they were to fall in the middle of the save. 

Liang said it was a miracle that the boy came out of this without any injuries, the security bar had only left a small mark on the boy’s neck but nothing of any significance. “If the boy had slightly moved his head even just a little bit, he would have fallen out of the gap of the bars and who knows what would have happened,” Liang said. “I had to do something, it wasn’t in me just to stand by and wait for the firemen to get here,” he added.

The young boy’s parents can’t thank Liang enough, they could have lost or had a seriously injured boy if it weren’t for him. He may have just saved their sons life! 

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