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 I am not sure if anyone missed the Rio Olympics this year, and if you did miss some, I pray that you were able to catch some of America’s final five during the gymnastics portion of the Games. These five young women have worked their entire young lives to achieve such an amazing goal. This spectacular team consists of Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez, Gabby Douglas and Madison Kocion. The name the Final Five was announced after their qualifying round where they scored a massive amount of points blowing most other teams completely out of the water, or off the floor matt should we say? The extremely talented coach of the Final Five is Martha Karolyi. She has been the coordinator for Team USA for sixteen years now and is retiring after the 2016 Olympics.

Here I have outlined some interesting and truly inspiring facts about these extraordinary girls. The youngest of the group, Miss Laurie Hernandez is only 16 years old. This Olympics was already a huge comeback for her since dislocating her knee in 2014 and having a torn patella ligament, as well as bruised medial collateral ligament from doing the vault. Aly Raisman is the oldest member of the Team; she competed in the 2012 London Olympics and then decided to take a year off. She came back stronger than ever and her age, confidence, and supportive attitude helped to catapult this Team into oblivion! 

 We all know Gabby Douglas, she has been in the spotlight since 2012 when she made history as the first black woman in the Olympics to win the individual all-around event. Go Gabby! Coming in hot is Simone Biles. She is an amazing girl who came from a difficult background to overcome a rough childhood and become a star. She could quite possibly be the best gymnast in the history of gymnasts. Last, but certainly not least is Miss Madison Kocian. She was originally brought to the team for her excellence in the uneven bars, but quickly proved she could handle more than just that. The Final Five are now touring America so be sure to check out their amazing talents and show these girls our support!

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