In Case You Need The Feels, Animals Mourn Their Lost Ones Too

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Death is uncomfortable. Often times when people think about it too much they begin to panic. When we lose someone we love, we have a sinking fear, and we mourn their loss of life because it’s all we know. Sometimes we think that we are the only species on earth that is plagued with the concept of knowing that sometimes people can never come back from things. 

Dolphins and Whales experience grief too and they mourn the deaths of their loved ones and comrades just like humans do. Scientists have been trying to explain what this means for different ecosystems and the evolution of animals. This might make you really sad, so prepare for the waterworks.

Some mammals, including dolphins had been found clinging to the dead bodies of their friends. They kept watch and prepared a vigil for some of their fallen friends. The cause of this phenomenon hasn’t been determined yet, but it’s reported that these animals are far more intelligent than they appear to be.

Researchers have concluded and published in the Journal of Mammalogy that some mammals are highly sociable and cohesive in different species. Specifically, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, killer whales and Australian humpback dolphins are the most effected and have the most similar response to humans as far as death and mourning go.

These animals are responding emotionally and humans know that emotions are extremely powerful things. These animals also experience things like pain, stress and loss. They know that things have gone wrong and their instincts often support the uncomfortable fact that their loved ones are gone forever.

The co-author of this study Robin Baird attested that a whale who was seen carrying her dead newborn baby in her mouth could have been exhibiting common emotions attached to grief. 

"The animals go through a period where they’re experiencing the same kind of emotions you or I would when a loved one dies. “She said in an excerpt from the Cascade Research Collective in Olympia, Washington.

This sad fact is just another thing out there to ruin your day. Hope you were having a good one before you read this article. 

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