How A Hawaiian Woman In Vegas Turned 3 Dollars Into 10.7 Million

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Let me ask you something: If you were to imagine “winning big” at a Vegas slot machine, what would you define as “big”? Slot machines aren’t known for huge paydays, so...a couple hundred dollars at most?

Recently, a woman from Hawaii made what might just be history’s greatest investment when she played a penny slot at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. The megabucks machine, despite being called a penny slot, takes three dollar bets. The woman (who asked to remain anonymous) laid her money down and walked away with a cool 10.7 million dollars.

As impressive as her win may be, Miss Doe’s 10.7 pales in comparison to the 40 million won by a California 20-something at the Excalibur in March 2003. The Californian made a slightly larger bet though, wagering a hundred dollars instead of three.

So next time you’re in Vegas, forget the craps table and make a B line to the penny slots.

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