Homeless Shelter Builds Rooftop Garden

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In Atlanta, Georgia an innovative homeless shelter is breaking ground and breaking the mold of typical shelters. They are taking in the mentally ill and underprivileged and showing them skills that could help them in future endeavors by showing them how to grow their own food.

This shelters revolutionary approach is showing that social programs do indeed improve people's lives. They installed an eighty stall vegetable garden on the rooftop of the homeless shelter that is completely kept and cared for by the residents themselves.

This organization serves the homeless in a completely sustainable facility and offers a number of programs to its residents. It has a growing gardening initiative, task force, 24-hour hotline and a transitional housing program to help the homeless get back on their feet.

Established in 2009, this teaches homeless people about food production and sustainable technologies, while also showing them how to feed not only themselves, but also other people. The first harvest of the garden produced 55 pounds of produce in eighty separate garden beds, which produce carrots, kale, and squash, along with numerous other vegetables.

This program has proven to be so successful that many other organizations that support homeless shelters and transitional homes are looking to implement similar initiatives nationwide. This not only helps keep their stomachs healthy and full, but can also be a therapeutic activity for those suffering from various stress related issues.

Do you think there should be more homeless shelters that implement this innovative project?

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