Helping Those In Need, One Smile At A Time

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The amount of homeless people in our nation is a growing issue. Groups and individuals have attempted to do their best to assist the homeless by providing free meals or shelters, and now there is another individual doing his part to help those who are not as fortunate. 

12 years ago, Dr. Lyndal Holmes, from Kansas City, Missouri came up with a dental program located at the City Union Mission. This building was actually the exact dental school that Holmes had previously attended and graduated from in 1965, "That was the old dental school where my dad and I graduated and other members of my family. I can walk through and see all my old instructors and there are a lot of spirits in the building even though it's been remodeled that gave so many of us a chance to do so well in life," shared Holmes.

Holmes began this program and sent handwritten letters to other dentists and colleagues asking for help in making this program happen. "The response was surprising. Some said 'I will take one patient a year' or 'I will try one patient every month.' I was astounded when one individual said 'as many as it takes,'" he stated. Holmes said. Either way, he had a group of dentists to assist him in providing these services to homeless individuals.

His new dental program provides mostly free dental programs to those in need. There are all types of procedures available such as tooth removals to providing dentures. "Most all dental specialties are represented. Two dental hygiene programs in the city have provided assistance. I explained my mission to a dental laboratory, and Mallow-Tru Dental Studio has done all of our lab work, free of charge, for 12 years. May God bless all of these people, their staffs and employees. Together we have all provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in dental care that has helped people turn their lives around and has positively impacted their second chance," Holmes stated. He thanks everyone who has helped to make this program possible.

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