He Was So Nice To A Homeless Girl And Got The Best Gift In Return

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I hope someone pays it forward to this guy. He truly deserves it. To continue to do things, un-noticed, just because he's that type of person, is something special. He doesn't have much, he's not rich, he doesn't live in a great place himself, but gives what he can to help others.

The reactions on these people's faces are absolutely priceless! The little girl, in her school clothes, what an amazing feeling that must bring to this man! He gave up a lot, for strangers. He has a genuine soul. 

I love the old lady with the bananas too! This video is more than a person doing for others, it shows that you can't buy happiness. You should be able to do things for others, without expecting something in return. There should be more people in this world like this man, we would all be in a much better place :)

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