Hacktivist Group Anonymous Targets Iceland

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The hacker group known as Anonymous has recently attacked websites across Iceland for their illegal hunting of endangered whales. Anonymous is well known for their activism towards several different causes across the globe, but this is one of the first times that the group has targeted a country for its cruel treatment of animals.

Iceland is one of three countries on the planet that still allows hunting of an endangered species despite there being an international moratorium on commercial whaling. Iceland, Japan and Norway continue to allow the unethical practice of commercial whaling. 

The hacker group vowed to expose and disrupt these barbaric practices while calling for a boycott against all Icelandic goods and services. The group officially made a statement stating, "Whales do not have a voice. We will be a voice for them. It's time to speak out about this impending extinction of a species. It's time to let Iceland know we will not stand by and watch as they drive this animal to extinction".

Anonymous has created awareness for this topic that most give no attention to. So please do your part to spread the word and share this story with your friends and family. Be the voice that these animals so desperately need. 

Watch this powerful video of Anonymous calling out the Icelandic government: 

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