‘Friend’ Raises $30k With Carpooler With Cancer

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Matthew Stevens, 28 years old raises $30,000 for the driver he shares rides with who recently got diagnosed with cancer. Matthew, who was going out for a big night in Hollywood, CA, decided to use Lyft, the ride sharing service, instead of driving himself. A pick up truck showed up outside of his apartment shortly after making the request to Lyft, the driver came and obviously had no back seats in her truck so he was forced to sit right next to her. Lupe Montes, the driver who came to pick up Matthew, began small talk with him, dating life even talking about a few ‘bad dates’ they had been on in the past.

Lupe ha told Matthew that she hadn’t been on a date in nearly 15 years. “It was before I had my son, who is now 15 years old, he’s autistic, and so I really haven’t had the time to meet or go out with anyone.” She told Matthew. She told him that she drove as a Lyft driver at night so she could stay home during the day and teach her son, “life lessons are really important to her since I was recently diagnosed with cancer.” 

Lupe’s story stuck to Matthew, throughout the entire night and long after that. “I was not able to stop thinking about her,” he said. Matthew then decided to start a “GoFundMe” Campaign to help raise money for her cancer treatments and costs. In just 2 short months, he was able to raise $30,000. “She changed my life,” he wrote on the campaign. Lupe had recently commented on the “GoFundMe” campaign thanking Matthew for his selflessness and his treasured soul. 

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